Colors: Blue Color

New York City-based design studio, Lucy Tupu LLC has announced the launch of Lucy Tupu Studio, alongside the inaugural exhibition of the Max Gimblett rug collection in beautiful Aotearoa, New Zealand. 

"Lucy Tupu Studio is officially open for business on two continents. We are excited to collaborate with the talented design community and private clients in Aotearoa, New Zealand, all while maintaining our extensive ongoing projects in New York," said Tupu.

The Common Thread for the Cure, a non-profit organization that supports people battling breast cancer within the home furnishings industry, had a visible presence during High Point Market gifting Pink Pixie desk lamps to attendees sporting the color pink in honor of breast cancer awareness month. Lamp recipients were not only surprised that wearing pink netted them a reward, but were grateful to learn about an organization that is doing such meaningful work to support their peers in the industry.

Zollanvari will present 3 outstanding pieces of handwoven art at the first edition of Carpet Diem Paris which takes place from November 10-12, 2023. Zollanvari will exhibit alongside Art and Loom, Balmaceda Estudio, Bomat, cc-tapis, Coco Brun, Codimat Collection, Creative Matters Inc, Diacasan, Ebru, Edition 169, Floor Story, Galerie Triff, Knots Rugs, Laura Niubó, Little Cabari, Maman Rugs, Martine Dupuis, Maxime Mouroux, Meghan Spielman, Miksi Rugs, Nanimarquina, Pinton, Reuber Henning, Sitap, Stitch, Sybille De Tavernost, Toulemonde Bochart and Volver Studios.