As modern carpets continue to delight buyers across all market segments, Rug Insider takes a look at some inspired examples. What does it mean for a carpet to be ‘delightfully modern’? Must it be made in Nepal—a country one could argue did more to revolutionize modern carpets than any other, or can it be made anywhere?

Must it be hand-knotted, forsaking the great modern advances in techniques in favor of fundamentalist ideals of quality? Must it be wool? Must it, must it, must it ad nauseam?

No, of course not. The only requirement for a carpet to be ‘modern’ is that it must possess the one quality, that is, the one intrinsic aesthetic component that seemingly defines all modern carpets: somehow it must appear … modern.

It’s a simple notion really, one easy to understand so long as one is willing to imagine something different, something beyond the normality of traditional or the vaguely defined transitional, to imagine something heretofore unseen. By transcending what is expected, either by taking motifs out of context, adapting colors, or simply placing disparate rugs together—to name but a few—in novel and unimagined ways a ‘new’ modern look can be made. This is what has guided the creation of so-called modern carpets until now, and it is what informs our selection as we take a look at these delightful carpets.

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