JTN Rugs and Home, one of the most exciting recent entrants in the field of carpets and home accessories, is pleased to announce it is joining forces with an established global leader in the same: Amer Rugs. JTN is the brainchild of its founder, the highly regarded Sanjay Purohit, who has worked with rug suppliers and manufacturers around the world for the past twenty-six years. Now he brings this expertise, renowned consultancy skills, wide-ranging experience, and proven performance to Amer as he joins the Board of the firm as Executive Director.

Mahesh Choudhary founder of Amer says: “Over the years we have built a solid foundation for Amer. As the company is now poised for the next level of growth, we are confident that with Sanjay [Purohit] on board we will achieve ever greater levels of success.”

Amer Rugs was established in 1986 by the visionary Mr. Mahesh K. Choudhary. As a pioneer within the industry, Mr. Choudhary was among the first to bring all the productions pillars under a single roof. This innovation allowed carpets designers to collaborate directly with weavers, dyers, and finishers in order to produce unique rugs of supreme quality. Through his commitment and perseverance, Amer has emerged as a leader within the international rug industry.

Since its start over three decades ago, Amer Rugs has become a truly global operation with its dedicated staff and team of thousands of weavers and designers working around the clock to ensure the order placed in North America is processed and fulfilled correctly in India before final delivery to the client. This is the commitment Amer makes to all of its clients: world-class quality and service.

Providing this is the responsibility of firm Director Mr. Raj Choudhary, son of the founder, who, like Purohit, has himself recently taken up reins at the firm. In short order, the younger Choudhary has helped revolutionize and modernize the workplace culture at Amer, something he looks forward to continuing with the help of Purohit. The young scion's vision for the company is to make it a true global conglomerate. His enthusiasm and fresh approach to getting things done is a refreshing change in the rug world. When reached for comment Mr. Choudhary said “As a company Amer is just like one of the carpets we make. Each person as a knot working harmoniously to create the whole, a carpet with soul as people like to say. For us, that soul is found when our customer is delighted. Only then do we know everyone is working together to create a beautiful rug.”

See Amer Rugs during the High Point fall market, Showplace Suite 3415.


Published verbatim courtesy JTN Rugs & Home/Amer Rugs.

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