It’s well known that coveted treasures are considered antiques when they hit 100 years or older. Well, Oscar Isberian Rugs achieved antique status on January 1, 2020, when the third-generation family business turned 100 years old.

To celebrate this landmark Anniversary in Chicago, the Tatosian family, curators, collectors and purveyors of fine new and antique rugs and broadloom carpet, will roll out a grand celebration across the next 12 months, which will include special designer events; unique Anniversary savings coupons; $100-off of rug cleaning; a much-anticipated hardcover 2020 Catalog and much more.

“Our grandfather, Oscar Isberian, would be so proud of how we’ve built the company he founded in 1920, especially in light of how the area rug industry and retail business at large have changed so dramatically in the last 25 years,” said Oscar Tatosian, co-owner, along with his brother Sarkis.

As the Isberian story goes, it all started with eight rugs and a wheeled cart. That’s when Oscar Isberian, a young man from Wilmette, IL, co-founded Oscar Isberian Rugs with his brother Megerditch. The brothers traveled the world, discovering towns and villages where rug weaving was a way of life and carpets were a family’s most prized possession. The brothers brought back the best of what they found to sell in a shop that grew into Chicagoland’s premier Oriental rug retailer, Oscar Isberian Rugs.

Today, the third generation of brothers, Oscar and Sarkis Tatosian, run the business for the family, which includes their two sisters, Emily Tatosian Rabjohns and Lucine Nersesian, their beloved mother, Miriam Tatosian, and a growing staff of more than 40.

“We could be on a Smucker’s jelly jar,” joked Sarkis Tatosian, in a nod to The Today Show’s endearing segment that celebrates centenarians’ 100th birthdays with their photos adorning jam jars.

The truth is that Oscar Isberian Rugs never has strayed from its core value of building lasting relationships and, of course, helping to make homes extraordinary. The three showrooms in Chicago, Evanston and Highland Park, IL house our more than 10,000 new and antique rugs and the finest selection of high-end broadloom carpeting.

“After three generations, this 100th Anniversary is one for the record books,” said Sarkis. “It’s a momentous reason to celebrate as we remember and honor our grandfather, Oscar Isberian, along with all of the people both past and present who have worked with us in Chicago, as well as all of our business partners around the globe.”

“To our customers and design partners,” added Oscar, “What can we say other than thank you for your continued trust? We love searching the world for rugs that bring style to your homes and those of your clients, as well as joy to your families. We are immensely proud and profoundly grateful.”

Details on celebration events to follow.

Published verbatim courtesy of Oscar Isberian Rugs.

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