Fiber-Shield Industries Inc., a leading supplier of specialty maintenance products and related materials, has announced the global availability of its two latest super-hydrophobic treatments, for both viscose and sisal carpets and rugs–KARPETCRYL® Soil and Stain Repellents. Created for the needs of industry professionals, these PFAAS-free products are engineered to bond with each strand of fiber, unlike other products which slide off. The result is powerful protection against common stains such as wine, coffee, pet accidents and more for this fast-growing market segment.

According to company founder, Manny Vickers, super-hydrophobic coatings create a layer of air on top of a surface. Such coatings are extremely difficult to wet since they cause liquids to aggregate and form beads that sit on the surface. They repel liquids, causing molecules to clump together and form little beads that are not absorbed and, thus, easily wiped away.

There are several important reasons for carpet and rug professionals to consider KARPETCRYLl® soil and stain repellents, according to Vickers: efficacy, durability, safety – and not least of all, profitability. “Both viscose and sisal are quite popular these days,” says Vickers. “Their aesthetic appeal delights consumers. But the molecular structure of these fibers presents challenges.

“Sisal, for example, is extremely absorbent and requires a good stain repellent to help keep it looking cleaner longer and make maintenance much, much easier. Based on our tests comparing it with other products in the marketplace, KARPETCRYL® provides enhanced water, soil, and stain repellency. We also found that ours was the longest lasting product compared to the other test specimens when subjected to abrasion,” Vickers said.

The super hydrophobic products made by Fiber-Shield Industries, Inc. do not contain PFAAS, and have been certified free of all PFOs, PFOAs, or PFAAS (based on independent lab results). The absence of our available PFAS free products is of particular importance to rug and carpet professionals, especially those doing business in California, with its fast-changing legislative environment, Vickers explained. To satisfy the demands of that market, the company offers California-compliant products.

“We deliver the finest products, with performance superior to rudimentary silicone-based products,” Vickers states. “So, in addition to the safety appeal of our newest California compliant, PFAS-free products, our customers benefit from our superior customer service, on-time delivery and efficient supply chains, custom formulations, and consistent batch-to-batch performance.”

The company also produces Professional Grade FIBER-SHIELD® FAST-KLEEN spot cleaner. Made-in-the-USA, FAST-KLEEN is a proven, water-based spot cleaner, ideal for water-safe rugs and carpeting. It is available in two convenient platforms: a dependable squirt bottle and spray cannister. FAST-KLEEN removes the toughest water-based and oil-based spots and stains, without solvents or VOCs. It can tackle a wide range of commonplace problems, including motor oil, soy sauce, coffee, and wine.

“Fast-Kleen is a 100-percent green, professional-strength spot and stain remover that works fast on the toughest stains,” says Vickers. “We guarantee it, or your money back.”

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