After the successful premiere in May, the German in-house fair Carpet Week Hamburg is already going into the second round. From September 12 to 18, fifteen Hamburg carpet suppliers will open their warehouses and showrooms. The September date was chosen to give customers a comprehensive opportunity to discover new products in good time before the start of the season, to find out about the market and product ranges, to exchange ideas in person, and, of course, to order goods.

The following companies will be participating in the September edition of Carpet Week Hamburg:

• Akbar Trading
• AWT Trading - Wahdat 
• Bo-Tepp Borhani
• Faradj & Homayoun Farhadian 
• Ipek – A. Ipektchi
• Jambros
• M2Rugs 
• Ali Mohammadi / Urban Rugs
• Mohammadzadeh & Sohn
• Rimex 
• Sadiq & Sohn
• Satar Carpets
• Bahram Tahbaz 
• Tepp Team

A bilingual booklet on the event introduces all 15 participants: Download as pdf.

Carpet Week Hamburg was launched on the initiative of Hamburg carpet suppliers in January 2022. The new in-house fair format uses the locational advantage Hamburg offers as a world-famous hub for carpets. The product spectrum of the 15 participants ranges from handmade program goods, Persian classical-patterned individual pieces, high-quality modern Nepalese carpets, fine silk carpets, modern South Persian nomadic carpets, classical and modern Afghan carpets to decorative antique carpets.

The core opening hours of the participants' warehouses and showrooms are Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., on weekends it is requested to make an appointment.

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