Obeetee, a world leader in hand-woven carpets since 1920, is back at the High Point Furniture Market this fall in a big way. In addition to its expansive rug program, which includes hand-knotted, hand-tufted, power-loomed and indoor/outdoor designs, the 103-year-old company is introducing woven pillows as well as debuting its Manor & Mews furniture manufacturing capabilities in the U.S. in IHFC, Hamilton Wing, #H-312.

Established in 2015, Manor & Mews offers world-class manufacturing, fashion-forward, quality product, and sustainable, socially responsible practices. In eight short years, they have assembled a global management team and have built three state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities outside of Jaipur, India, including one that is 325,000 square feet and the first factory of its kind in India. A fourth manufacturing facility is opening in 2025.

Unlike most other manufacturers, they also have their own wood seasoning plant. The enterprise is already working with a host of major retailers. It is ideally positioned to provide high-volume, mass-produced product out of the highest quality natural materials to a growing market, as well as serving designers with custom product.

This market Manor & Mews is introducing a cohesive collection of 41 pieces that highlight its emphasis on on-trend design and its expertise in mixed materials produced with the latest technology and most advanced German woodworking machines. Designs showcase wood with leather, metal, jute and cane as well as fine relief work, decorative carving, inlays of hand-woven cotton cord and more. From upholstered beds and sofas to night tables, dining sets and sideboards, the collection has wide appeal.

Obeetee Introductions Fuse Contemporary Aesthetics with Tactile Allure
Paying tribute to the age-old art of rug making while maintaining a fresh and modern touch, Obeetee is introducing 10 new collections as well as decorative that combine wools and textures in unique and interesting ways.

Eight collections are hand-tufted wool that showcase texture, artistry and playful geometry in tones ranging from neutral to vibrant.

Clockwise from top: Tout Le Monde, Jouer Faire Ethno Urban and Monterey.

The first, “Tout Le Monde,” offers contemporary blocks and bold brush stroke designs; “Jouer Faire” displays an array of colors and textures in both loop and cut pile wool; “Mid-Century” and “Retro Chic” take inspiration from decades past; “Ethno Urban” blends heritage with modern-day elegance and includes PET Easycare fibers; “Elixir” uses natural yarns inspired by textured patterns; true to its name, “Monterey” evokes the seaside; and “Marble,” brings today’s fascination with marble to the round with circular rugs in intricate marble patterns. “Ethno Urban” also has a loom-woven collection and “Cecilia” is a printed tufted collection with impressionistic abstractions.

“We are pleased to be back at High Point with a complete home offering that celebrates quality craftsmanship in an array of trend-forward styles with customization options,” said Stephen Hoberman of Obeetee, Inc. (Obeetee North America).


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