Sara McDaniel, creator and owner of Simply Southern Cottage, was featured in a new episode of the hit TV show "In with the Old" on the Magnolia Network. The episode, which aired on November 8th, 2023, provided viewers with an inside look at the renovation of McDaniel’s historic Minden, Louisiana home.

Sara is a passionate advocate for preserving the charm, heritage, and timeless allure of Southern homes and is dedicated to sharing the beauty and history with her followers on social media and beyond. Her passion for preserving these pieces of history and the divine circumstances that have played a part in her journey were unveiled in the November 8th episode of "In with the Old."

The episode provided viewers with an inside look at the renovation of this historic home and the incredible team behind making her vision come to life. Sara promised and delivered, "You would see LOTS of familiar faces in this episode… another amazing testament to my incredible team and their undying devotion to make all my craziness take place flawlessly.”

Sara McDaniel forged a partnership with Orian Rugs in 2022, resulting in her exclusive line of rugs that exemplify her style. Orian Rugs, a renowned American rug manufacturer, boasts a widespread presence across the nation, offering their rugs through various well-known retailers and eCommerce marketplaces, such as Amazon. Notably, Sara’s designs are prominently featured at Ivan Smith Furniture Stores, offering a unique touch of Southern charm to interior decor enthusiasts. In October 2023, her latest collection was released at High Point Furniture Market and will soon be available on Ecommerce. “Our collaboration has been fruitful, and we’re excited to be a part of Sara’s story and continued success,” says Scott Dahl President and Chief Executive Officer.

With McDaniel's undying devotion to preserving Southern history, her team's dedication, and the backdrop of her personal journey, this episode was both heartfelt and inspirational. If you missed the original airing, be sure to watch Season 4 – Episode 7 on streaming services to experience this captivating episode that showcases the beauty of Minden, Louisiana, and the strength that can be found in grace, hope, mercy, and redemption.

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