Tisca Rugs by LSI proudly announces that their Olbia Pure Nature Collection has been honored with the esteemed Green Collection Award at the recent DOMOTEX tradeshow in Germany. The award recognizes outstanding commitment to sustainability in the carpet and flooring industry, in both products and production processes.

The Olbia Pure Nature Collection stood out for its exemplary traditional craftsmanship, showcasing the inherent beauty of sheep wool’s natural colors. The recognition was further enhanced by the collection’s Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification.  GOTS aims to ensure the organic status of textiles from raw material harvesting to socially and environmentally responsible manufacturing, providing consumers with credible assurance.

With Tisca Rugs by LSI GOTS certified, this reinforces Tisca Rugs' dedication to sustainable practices throughout the entire textile supply chain.  “Many companies loosely use the terms natural or sustainable products. When Tisca Rugs by LSI makes these statements, it is factually accurate. Even more important is that for us it’s not just the products but also this award recognizes us for our sustainable processes as well and that is such an important distinction,” stated Larry Lane, LSI’s President, and Executive Director of Tisca North America.  

The Olbia Pure Nature Collection features 26 styles known as “structures,” available in an extensive palette of 96 colors. Customers can choose rug sizes up to 19’7” wide or 13’1” in diameter for round rugs. The collection allows customization with single and double borders, mixing colors, and textures within the same rug. Additionally, the flat weave structures are reversible, extending the product life of these exquisite rugs.

Tisca Rugs by LSI are offered in 96 colors.

Having been a staple in the European market for 60 years, Tisca Rugs made a significant leap in 2023 by partnering with LSI Flooring to introduce Tisca Rugs by LSI to the U.S. and Canadian markets. This expansion is a milestone in the brand’s journey toward global recognition for its commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and environmental responsibility.



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