Fall markets were back in a big way for the area rug industry in mid-September 2022, as two shows made big waves in New York and New Jersey. Cover Connect returned for its second iteration at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City from September 11 – 13. The Rug Show took place at the Meadowlands Expo Center in Secaucus, New Jersey from September 14 – 16. Both shows were heavily attended and were a great way to kick off the fall selling season, following a downturn in the last couple of years due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Here is a roundup of what a few of the exhibitors had to say about the state of the industry, what their companies are up to, and how the market looks this fall.


  • Organizer, David Young of COVER Magazine, noted a great response, with a big buyer turnout and happy vendors who did brisk business during the show. After not being able to personally attend the inaugural Cover Connect event last year—due to Covid-related travel issues, he saw a lot of positivity for 2022 and has already booked his vendors for Cover Connect 2023.
  • Ned Baker of Tamarian commented that Cover Connect was a great show, with many buyers having pent-up demand from two years of pandemic-related closures. Tamarian is expanding its focus from transitional rugs to include more modern and contemporary designs, with more texture and softer colors, and received great feedback from buyers.
  • Baki Ildiz of Creative Touch was very happy with the show, with a busy booth and lots of fresh merchandise on display. Expanded offerings and price points included more mid- to entry-level prices, warmer colors, and more options for clients from which to choose.
  • Danny Shafiian of French Accents kept busy with clients seeing a lot of activity and excitement surrounding a wide-ranging variety of rug designs.


  • Josh Nazmiyal and sons from Rug & Kilim, exhibited first in New York and then in New Jersey, have expanded their team, with son Sina joining father, Josh, and elder brother, Cyrus, in the family-run business. Busy in both locations, their Scandinavian Flat Weave and other rug selections were a hit with customers on both sides of the Hudson River.
  • Erbil Teczan of Wool and Silk had lots of fresh merchandise on display at both shows, with his new Off-the-Rack Collection having ten designs with different colors available either in wool and silk or as a 100% silk option. Always a perfectionist, Teczan insisted that the silk in his rugs is authentic and that he tests it to ensure it does not stain or fade.
  • Mois Refua and Sharon Hakakian of Caravan Rugs were busy in both locations, as the Beverly Hills rug specialists saw great responses to both their modern rug designs, as well as their soft-colored and distressed vintage designs. Hakakian suggested that buyers had long been waiting for high-end shows like these in which to source top-level rugs for their clients.


  • Jay Nehouray of Rug Icon, a young company born in 2020, was happy with the turnout at the New Jersey show, as he displayed his various rug offerings, including rugs with bold graphic designs, and many modern and contemporary rug styles.
  • Houston, Texas-based Global Craft Rugs had a prominent booth with a variety of rug styles and price points on display, as well as a sign indicating that they would buy clients’ existing rugs and allow them store credit toward the purchase of new ones.
  • Rafi Amirian of Shalom Brothers was optimistic, seeing solid traffic for the veteran company’s numerous new rug offerings.
  • Eddie Akhavan of Farshchi Inc, the sole antique rug exhibitor in the show, was also optimistic, indicating that the show was successful with plenty of activity.
  • Ori Wilbush of S&H Rugs had an impressive booth featuring a wide variety of modern rug designs, including a lovely piece depicting the iconic Empire State Building.
  • Turkey-based Kirkit Rugs showcased its stylish black and white rugs, featuring uncomplicated and elegant graphic designs.
  • For HRI, Diana Samuels, a recent winner of the 40 Under 40 Award from Home Furnishings, was with Lee Harounian and David Grasse. The veteran company displayed numerous rugs, including some exciting graphic designs and its ultra-popular Sunbrella® outdoor rugs.
  • Eddie Simantob of Art Resources had an enormous variety of rugs on display, with many buyers perusing the endless array. Simantob noted that there is no particular trend in the rug trade. The company's goal is to cover as many rug styles and price points as humanly possible—all in an organized, efficient way.

Both shows will run concurrently next year: September 9 – 11, 2023. COVER CONNECT NEW YORK will return to the Metropolitan Pavilion, while THE RUG SHOW will take place at the Meadowlands Expo Center in Secaucus, NJ.


Photo credits, Rodney Hakim, PGNY for Rug Insider

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